Support to end users starts with the user and includes their desktop, PC, local and remote networking all the way back to the data centre or cloud service.
Ensuring that all of the components are resilient, so that any issues are completely transparent to the user and to the business, is a major design criterion and is crucial to most businesses.
The main objective must be to keep the user using. Low quality equipment, poor design and a lack of maintenance are typical causes of service outages and can be simply resolved, although at a price. The cost of not attending to these core
concerns can seriously damage the reputation of the business and it can often destroy the viability of the business. The risk is just too great to ignore.
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Marlow Computer Services
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About Us
Based in Marlow and servicing London and the South for over 15 years.
We can provide whatever is required to deliver your solution whether it's hardware, software, analysis, project management, deployment, operational guidance or just good old plain help.
Designing, implementing and supporting your systems, leveraging partnerships with Microsoft, Cisco, SolarWinds, McAfee, Kaspersky, Diskeeper, OnTrack, APC and others.
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