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We are a small consultancy, incorporated in 1996 with over 30 years of experience in design and support of computer infrastructure. Starting with mainframes we've progressed through minis to specialise in Microsoft platforms and Cisco networking. Consistently adding training, qualifications, experience and industry accreditations creates an anticipation of quality and confidence.
With a focus originally on radio, the advent of WiFi rejuvenated these old skills and provides us with an almost unique innate understanding of wireless propagation in the industry. While others are chasing crowded SSID channels, we can opt to look to the radio spectrum to search for an accurate answer.
With our wide experience supporting hardware, software and networking covering many deployments for numerous clients MCS is well equipped to design, manage, deploy and support your infrastructure.
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Marlow Computer Services
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Marlow's unique riverside outdoor activity centre.

The protection of our green belt.
Local community issues in our valley.
We actively support local projects and issues including

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About Us
Based in Marlow and servicing London and the South for over 15 years.
We can provide whatever is required to deliver your solution whether it's hardware, software, analysis, project management, deployment, operational guidance or just good old plain help.
Designing, implementing and supporting your systems, leveraging partnerships with Microsoft, Cisco, SolarWinds, McAfee, Kaspersky, Diskeeper, OnTrack, APC and others.
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Professional Indemnity: 1,000,000
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